Chatbot Masterclass

jed_admin · 13 Oct 2019

This course is designed for trainees to acquire a technical understanding of how chatbot works and how it can be used to address real-world problems in the financial services industry. The course starts with an overview of the chatbots, working with the chatbot development interface and followed by building a chatbot without coding involved. It then delves into designing intelligent chatbots using the Dialogflow Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. Next the course focuses on rapid development of intelligent chatbot applications by integrating the chatbot development platform with Dialogflow. It then delves into enhancing chatbots with advanced features through custom coding. The latter part of the course focuses on integrating the chatbot with third party APIs, working with WebViews and learning the best practice in handover protocols between chatbot applications and live agents.  Lastly the trainees will work on a chatbot capstone innovation project and present their solutions.

Overall, the course is aimed at providing the foundation of designing chatbot applications, and equipping trainees with the coding skills, tools and mindsets to design and build relatively sophisticated and intelligent chatbot applications to provide innovative solutions to real-world issues such as to automate customer service, marketing and transactions in the financial industry.

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